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Tonic Art Prints

About Tonic Art Prints

We believe the artwork we release is meant to be appreciated in the physical, not just the digital, world. That’s why any holder of a Tonic NFT is eligible to purchase one print of the work.

Tonic art prints are handcrafted at a high-end print studio based in New York City that uses only certified archival media and genuine pigment based inks. The studio produces truly beautiful physical renderings of digital artwork that we’re thrilled to be able to offer. 

Print Credits

Anyone who purchases an NFT at mint (in the primary auction) receives $50 in print credits to use toward a print of their NFT. This means print credit holders can order a 12” or 16” print of their NFT for free, or they can purchase a larger and/or framed print at a $50 discount. Print credits from multiple NFT mints will be combined. The holder can use them to claim multiple free prints or can apply them all to one framed piece.

How to Purchase Prints

  1. Log into and be sure you connect the wallet that holds the work. The purchase flow is token gated so that only the owner of the NFT can purchase a print.

  2. Head to your gallery by clicking into your account page then clicking "Your Gallery."

  3. Click into the work you would like printed.

  4. Click the “Order Print” button (below and to the right of the artwork image).

  5. If you would like to purchase the free print option, click 

Print Material and Treatment Offering

Sizes - Sizes range from 12×12” to 54×72”, and the exact offering varies by collection.

Frames - We offer black, white, and natural maple and walnut solid wood frames. The black and white frames are painted wood, and the natural maple frame is solid maple that’s hand-finished with visible wood grain. Moulding is produced in Italy and then cut and joined by hand at our New York City based print studio. 

Treatments - Framing treatment is selected by each artist for their collection: either straight fit (full bleed), modern float (float mount), or museum float (float mount with torn edge). 

Paper Types - All artwork is printed on Hahnemühle German Etching paper if the shortest artwork dimension is at most 42” or on Epson Cold Press Bright paper otherwise. 

Acrylic Types - In addition to standard glossy acrylic, we offer museum-grade acrylic, which is non-glare acrylic with a matte finish.


Print + Frame Price

Standard acrylic

Museum acrylic


No frame

White/Black Frame

Maple/ Walnut

White/Black Frame

Maple/ Walnut

12 × 12"






12 × 16"






18 × 24"






24 × 24"






30 × 30"






30 × 40"






42 × 42"






42 × 56"






54 × 72"






Production Time, Packaging, and Shipping

Production times are up to 9 days. Prints with no frame are flat packed if the longest dimension is 16” maximum or shipped in a tube otherwise, and all framed prints are carefully packed in boxes. We offer both ground (5-7 day shipping) and 2-day shipping, and we ship internationally.