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Using a Credit Card

Paying with a credit card: For transactions exceeding $10,000, our payment processor requires that you provide some personal details and a valid identification card (known as “Know Your Customer” or “KYC” requirements) which you will have to allot time for during the auction. If you plan to use a credit card in the auction, we highly recommend placing a pre-bid since we will pre-authorize your card, which could help identify whether your card issuer will flag the transaction, while also letting you submit your KYC documents in advance of the live auction.

Avoiding flagged credit card transactions: If you participate in the live auction, please know that your bids may get stalled if your credit card company flags your transaction. We strongly recommend calling your credit card company before the auction starts to request that they allow transactions with Tonic and Paper, which is our payments processor. (The charge on your card should show “Tonic,” but your card issuer could see the transaction noted as “Paper.“)