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Using the LoVid heartsleeves Portrait Studio

💖sleeves Portrait Studio is an immersive environment for portrait creation, inviting participants to enjoy a playful and embodied relationship with the work they collect.

The Portrait Studio uses live camera input to process the participants' images by applying LoVid’s algorithmically generated moving patterns. This is a web-based environment for co-creation where participants create self-portraits as LoVid’s collaborators.

Instructions for creating with the Portrait Studio:

There are two modes and multiple ways to engage with the software:

  • Biometric Mode: The camera uses participants’ heart rate, facial expressions, and head movement to control and manipulate the portrait and pattern interplay in real-time.

  • Manual Mode: Participants manipulate the parameters, using the control board to mix the animated pattern and the live camera  image.  

Record and Mint:

Press the RECORD button to capture a 10 second video. *You can have up to 5 portraits in the browser, if you continue recording after the initial 5, the first one will be deleted.

A resulting video portrait may then be minted as an NFT. 

The color tone layer is affected by the camera’s read of the participant's heart rate.

If you change skins, the Portrait Studio will not save your recorded videos so be sure to mint any that you'd like to save before choosing a new skin.

Layers (controls for blending participant faces and patterns)

Turning Head Left/ Right  ↪️/ ↩️ :

Controls “face mix” -  blends participant with the background to achieve desired visibility/transparency/opacity/anonymity 

Winking 😉: 

Controls “BG tint color” - changes background tint color at random

Open/Close Mouth 👄: 

Controls “BG tint amount/level” - controls background pattern visibility

Camera (Manual Controls for the Camera Settings):

Brightness 🔆: adjusts camera image brightness/luminosity

Contrast ⚫⚪: shows more or less detail from the camera image

Zoom 🔎: Adjusts size of face within the frame


HORZ + VERT: controls the way the pattern adjusts to the unique features of the face from the live camera (horizontally and vertically). Lower distortion levels will make a smoother pattern that is more similar to the original pattern, while higher levels will contort and twist the pattern in vertical and/or horizontal directions.