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Welcome to Tonic is a fine art gallery and community offering highly curated generative art on the blockchain for art and design enthusiasts—both crypto and non-crypto natives.

We recognize that web3 can be intimidating for those unfamiliar with the technology so we serve as a guide for non-crypto natives in navigating the world of blockchain and NFT art. We aim to create a safe and welcoming space for everyone to learn about and collect fine art NFTs that bridge the digital and physical worlds. Through making it easy to learn and collect, Tonic is on the mission to empower the next generation of artists and collectors.

Tonic is led by Chief Executive Officer Susannah Maybank, who co-founded the company alongside Mariam Naficy. Susannah and the rest of the team bring decades of fine art, design world, e-commerce, and physical production expertise. The team includes 10 founding partners who are the leading thinkers and tastemakers in the world of art and design, including Yves Behar, Brit Morin, India Mahdavi, Ken Fulk, Brigette Romanek, Sarah Sherman Samuel, Christiane Lemieux, Kate Berry, and others.

Join us to pioneer the future of art.